Every child is a thinker, we want to lead them to think, generate ideas, and inspire them to express themselves.

To help children develop their thinking skills in their early years.


Imparting our knowledge and skills to the next young generation.

Joseph Lim

Hello! I’m Joseph Lim, a User Experience (UX) designer and a parent.

Today, thanks to my introduction of the design thinking methodology, my son is able think and make good decision when comes to solving problems on his own.

I believe that teaching design thinking to the young children will enable them with cognitive skills and problem-solving skills.

The program that I have carefully curated, empowers them to become independent thinkers, confident problem-solvers, effective communicators, and skilled presenters.

As a parent I have always wanted for my child to be able to think for himself as I may not be able to be around forever.
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