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At Supa.mindo, we empower children aged 8 to 12 in Singapore to become independent and creative thinkers. We go beyond academics, believing every parent wants their child to thrive in life, not just classrooms.

Our engaging workshops provide a platform for young minds to explore, imagine, and develop problem-solving skills. Through hands-on activities, children:

Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset

Learn to think creatively and independently, identify opportunities, and solve problems with a business-oriented approach.

Build confidence

Gain a sense of accomplishment as they create their own masterpieces.

Boost social skills

Interact with peers, collaborate, and build friendships.

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Unleashing Your Inner Superheroes!
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Learning Through D.R.A.W

The D.R.A.W framework is a tool to empower children to think creatively, learn deeply, express convincingly and solve problems on their own.

It will a life skill that can be applied across myriad of situations.



Learn how to identify what the exact problem is

Example Scenario:

As part of defining the problem, children will learn how to discover the real problem through brainstorming.



To have the ability to visualise and construct the solution with the mind

Example Scenario:

After discovered the real problem, children are challenged to come up with many ideas through mind-mapping and develop one idea to build the concept.



Taking of action, translate ideas to reality

Example Scenario:

Children will transfer their concept into solution and coordinate the required work to develop the solution.



Deliver charismatically and convincingly, whether in visual, written or spoken

Example Scenario:

Children will learn about different storytelling techniques how to present their stories.

Why Choose Us

Assist your child in cultivating the ability to think visually.

Develop a child’s perseverance and artistic perspective through project completion.

The D.R.A.W Framework integrates the power of design for problem-solving, visual thinking, and storytelling into a cohesive approach.

Collaborate With Us

At Supa.mindo, our unwavering commitment is to empower children in discovering their artistic potential, engaging in hands-on exploration of diverse mediums, and fostering the development of crucial life skills.

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My Pei Shan has always loved stories, but this workshop took it to a whole new level. She created this amazing superhero called “The Recycling Ranger” who uses recycled objects to fight pollution. It even sparked conversations about taking care of the environment.
– Emily, Parent

My Sarah used to be so shy! This workshop really brought her out of her shell. She created this amazing superhero called “Hawker Hero” who uses magical chili sauce to fight villains! It’s so creative, and she even came up with a whole story about him saving the Tiong Bahru Market. Now she’s even thinking of writing a whole comic book series!
– Justine, Parent

This workshop was fantastic for my two boys, Ethan and Leo. They are always fighting over toys, but here, they learned to collaborate. Together, they created a giant robot made from shapes, each contributing different parts. It showed them the power of teamwork and using their imaginations together.
– Kaylyn, Parent


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