Turn your child's
hobbies into
business ideas
in 5 simple steps

What to Do With All Your Kid Artwork? Turn it into a Crafty Business!

Does your fridge door look like a mini-gallery overflowing with your child’s artwork? Do you ever wonder, “What can I do with all these creations?”!

I am a Supa.Boss is the fun, interactive workshop that ignites the entrepreneurial spark in young minds!

We’ll help your child transform their passion into a business idea they can be proud of. Through brainstorming, design thinking, and hands-on activities, they’ll learn:

Develop their big business idea and make a business plan

Design their brand and make their own merch

Share and tell their business

It’s more than just a workshop – it’s a confidence booster!

I am a Supa.Boss is the perfect way to nurture their creativity, build confidence, and equip them with valuable skills for the future.

Don’t let their talent gather dust! Reserve their spot in the workshop today and watch them become a Supa.Boss!

Spotlight On

Ang Jiaxin (15) - bobbasliime

Ang Jiaxin was just 15 when she paid for her family’s trip to Thailand, using the money she had earned from her self-made business.

She’s a slime maker, a slime influencer, a slime entrepreneur — or as people like her are known as in the community — a slimer (read as: slime-uh).

On average, she churns out 200 to 300 tubs of slime a week, with each tub retailing between $4 to $8. She rakes in a profit of about $3,000 each month — not bad for a teenager. At one point early in her business, her earnings reached a high of $7,000.

Being one of the first slimers in Singapore, she’s become quite a household name among local slime enthusiasts, which means her slimes are always flying off the shelves.

Source: Asiaone


Joseph Lim, a strong advocate of user experience design and a parent.

A proud and loving father who will find time to develop critical problem-solving skills with his only child through the “D.R.A.W.” framework that he has carefully curated.

The programme empowers children to become independent thinkers, confident problem-solvers, effective communicators, and skilled presenter.

Frequently Asked Questions

The programme is hosted over a 2 hours workshop. For 8-12 years old.

Your child will gain a basic understanding of entrepreneurship.
Your child will brainstorm and develop a business idea based on their hobbies.
Your child will create a prototype or design of their hobby-inspired merchandise.

Hougang Street 21, #02-217 Blk 208, Singapore 530208
(Above McDonald’s)

Nearest MRT Station: Kovan

Turn your child's hobbies into business ideas in 5 simple steps

I am a Supa.Boss - An Entrepreneurship Workshop

This interactive workshop empowers young minds to explore the potential of their hobbies! We’ll guide them through the exciting journey of transforming their passions into business ideas. Budding entrepreneurs will learn the basics of market research, product design, and branding, culminating in creating their own merchandise (merch) to represent their hobby-inspired business!

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